March 16, 2017

3 Powerful Secrets To Make a Man Commit To You

Video Summary

In this video, Matt Boggs shares 3 ways that make men want to commit in a relationship and marriage.

First secret- Timing matters.

Make sure that you choose a man who’s really open and available for a relationship. Men are programmed by society that being in a committed relationship is gonna cost them their freedom. Not only freedom- it’s gonna cost them their friends, fun experiences, adventures. They also think they’re gonna have way less sex. The irony is that the opposite is true and it’s backed up by research.

It’s shown that men in relationships actually have more fun, adventures and way more sex than men who aren’t in committed relationships. Every man needs to come to the realization that being in a relationship is actually more beneficial in his life than being on his own.

Men will come to that realization at different times in their life- some in their 20s, 30s, 40s but some men will never get there. It’s important that you choose a man who has lived enough life and has a desire for a relationship. If you do, his desire and your desire will come together and it will be a whole lot easier.

Second secret- Every man wants to feel like the best version of themselves.

Every man wants to feel like his best version when he’s with you. Every man wants to feel like he’s got the suave and the coolness of James Bond. He wants to feel like he can make you laugh like Jim Carrey. He wants to make you feel like you think he’s smart and he’s got the brains of Albert Einstein. He wants to feel like he’s cool, funny and smart when he’s around you. So when you appreciate him, celebrate him, acknowledge him and when he feels special in your presence, then you become special to him.

Third secret- Have the courage to claim what you want.

Knowing that if you want a relationship or if you want marriage and you’re creating that and it will either be with him or without him. If the relationship has stalled, then have the courage to communicate with him. Tell him the future that you want and you hope it will be with him but if it’s not, then you’re gonna create it with someone else. It’s not a manipulation tactic- this is you-claiming-your-life-and-creating-what-it-is-that-you-want tactic. There is nothing that motivates like the fear of loss. Nothing helps generate clarity like the fear of loss.

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Mat BoggsA true difference maker, Mat Boggs has dedicated his life to increasing Love in the world one heart at a time, and helping others achieve their dreams. Mat has co-authored the best-selling book, Project Everlasting: Two Bachelors Discover the Secrets of America’s Greatest Marriages.

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As a highly sought after speaker, relationship coach, and certified LifeSuccess consultant, Mat has helped people all over the country understand the hearts and minds of men, create major breakthroughs in love, and attract the relationship they want.

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