July 20, 2017

Want To Find Out If Your Ex Is Moving On? Watch Out For These 3 SureFire Signs

Video Summary

Clay Andrews of relationshipinnergame.com is an expert on breakups and in this video, he talks about the three signs to watch out for in your ex to know that he is moving on from the breakup.

Sign #1: Your ex is contacting you less

One sign that your ex is moving on is when he is calling or texting you less and less over the last few weeks. Maybe he was badgering you endlessly right after the breakup but lately, such contacts have been petering out.

This is different from when your ex just suddenly stops talking to you. If all of a sudden, you don’t hear from him then that’s more like a sign that he’s still emotionally invested in you.

But if not talking to you had been a gradual process of lessening contacts over a period of a few weeks, then that’s probably because his interest in you has dissipated and he’s moving on.

Sign #2: Your ex is starting to go out and do new things

Of course, your ex had his own interests to begin with and maybe you shared some of them. But if he starts to do new things – activities that he did not show interest in or inclination for in the past, especially not with you – then he most likely wants to steer his life in a different direction.

This is different from when he does things just to distract himself from the breakup. Is he spending more time at the gym but wallowing in breakup songs? Or does he seem to be drowning his sorrows in alcohol and bars? Clearly he has not move on. But if it's a new interest, or hobby, or sports and it’s healthy, then he’s adding new things in his life to help him move on.

Sign #3: Your ex is making new friends

You clearly have a lot of friends in common. If he is not over your breakup, then he’ll be spending quite a lot of time with them. This is why it’s a sign that he has moved on if he makes a lot of new friends.

He wants to build new social connections so he doesn’t have to always rely on friends he shared with you. Just as with his new interests, he is adding new people into his circle to take his life in a new and different direction. Also, this wider network of associations could someday be the pool from where he will find people he will date in the future.

About Clay Andrews

Clay Andrews is a dating and relationship coach who helps women find the right type of man they can create a loving and thriving relationship with. He is the creator of Ex Solution Program- a program that helps couples get back together. To know more about Clay, visit his website below.

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