June 29, 2017

Why Doesn’t He Like Public Display of Affection (PDA) + What To Do About It

Video Summary

Mike Fiore and Nora Blake, dating coaches for Digital Romance TV, explains in this video the main reason why some guys don't like public displays of affection or PDA.

“Doesn’t he like me?”

If your guy doesn’t seem affectionate in public, it probably made you wonder whether he really likes you or not. Some may even think that their boyfriend is embarrassed to be seen with them in public. Others harbor the idea that he’s cheating, that is why he doesn’t want anyone to know he is with her.

Some people just don’t like PDA.

None of the above scenarios are necessarily true. If your guy is quite affectionate in private but seems rather aloof when you are out in public, then he probably just doesn’t like PDA. Maybe he was raised in a way that makes him uncomfortable with PDAs or his beliefs or culture shuns such.

As long as he is sweet and loving when it’s just the two of you, then you need not make a huge issue about it. He most likely just doesn't want to put his emotional vulnerability on display for all to see.

Not all women like PDA, too.

Some women are not too keen about PDA as well. They felt that it’s a guy’s way of marking his territory. Guys may not even be consciously doing it but PDAs are a way of telling off other guys that this girl is taken.

When a guy sees his girl talking to another guy – and especially if the other guy’s body language indicates that he’s flirting with her – an act as simple as crossing the room and putting his hand at the small of his girl’s back is like a huge neon sign that says, “she’s mine, back off”. Some women get annoyed by that because they know they are perfectly capable of flirting to the point that it’s appropriate and being marked that way can be quite insulting.

About Michael Fiore

Blunt, funny and always honest, Michael Fiore is an internationally known expert on how to have great relationships in the modern world. In 2011, Michael appeared on “The Rachael Ray” show with his popular “Text The Romance Back Program” (Rachael said he gave her “chills”).

Since then Michael has given women X-Ray vision into men’s minds with his “The Secret Survey: What Men Desperately Want You To Know But Will Never Tell You” program, taught thousands how to get their ex’s back with “Text Your Ex Back” and became an Amazon Best Selling Author with his short (but powerful) “Make Him Beg To Be Your Boyfriend.”

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