July 11, 2017

5 Proven + Powerful Ways To Speak Attractively To Men

Video Summary

In this video, relationship coach Amy North, author of The Devotion System, talks about using your voice to make yourself more attractive to men.

Most women think that in order for them to get a man hooked, they have to rely on their body language to communicate their sex appeal.  But using your voice to enhance a man’s interest can also be just as powerful, if not more so, as you have better control over your speech.

How then can you use your voice to attract men?  You need to focus on each of the five key parts of your speech: tone, structure, dictation, detail and imagery.

1. Tone

The tone of your voice is what gives your words personality and life.  It is actually what men notices first about your speech.  You definitely want to use the kind of tone that will have him hanging off your every word.  So when talking to a man, use a light-hearted and upbeat tone to give him the impression that you are a positive and an enjoyable person to be with.  If you want to be more forward, use a playful tone to indicate you’re into him and turn to a more seductive one if you wish to turn up the heat.    

2. Structure

The structure of your voice is how you control, pace and focus your speech.  It’s how you organize your words so that one thought flows smoothly to the next.  Mastering this makes you very effective at steering the conversation where you wish it to go.  Avoid fillers in your speech as they make you seem less confident about what you’re saying.

3. Dictation

Dictation is your choice of word – it’s what makes your speech distinctly you.  You need to be conscious about using certain words when talking to a man.  Let’s put it this way: you don’t want to be talking to a man you’re trying to attract in the same way that you talk to your mother, would you?  Think then before you speak.

4. Details

Details weave magic into your speech.  They create feelings.  For instance, certain adjectives bring a story to life by making it ripe with emotions.  But more than words, details also include accents or how lowering your voice in certain parts of the speech can set the mood for the conversation.  Details are the little things that create huge impacts – it’s what sets a good storyteller apart from ordinary ones.  It’s also what makes a gifted flirt.     

5. Imagery

Imagery means the images you imprint on his mind – it’s what makes your voice and the things you have to say so memorable to him.  Imagery is the force that gives your words power, emotion and meaning.  You don’t have to be a poet to create vivid scenarios for him.  By using words that invoke bold and bright imagery, you will keep him interested in what you have to say and that will make you so unforgettable to him.

About Amy North

Amy NorthAmy North is a relationship coach and best-selling author from Vancouver, Canada. She specializes in helping women from around the world find and keep the man of their dreams. Amy’s acclaimed online program, The Devotion System, has sold thousands of copies and is widely regarded as the #1 women’s dating guide on the planet.

To know more about Amy, visit www.devotionsystem.com.

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