July 13, 2017

5 Signs He’s Attracted To You But Would Never Confess That He’s Into You

Video Summary

Dating coach Clay Andrews reveals the five signs that a guy is into you but would never admit to it. 

Sign #1: He waits three days before calling you

The average guy usually waits about two to three days after your last interaction before following up on it, if he is interested in you.  This is because he doesn’t seem to want too eager to call you or ask you out.  This is hardwired into guy’s psyche and oftentimes they don’t even realize they’re doing this.

Sign #2: He’s dressed better

A guy is into you if puts extra effort into how he looks when he meets you up for a date. This is because he wants to impress you and wants you to see how suave and sophisticated he really is.  Admittedly, not all guys are fashion-conscious, so a sure sign that he likes you enough to impress you is when he steps up his fashion game even by just a little bit.  At the very least, he will be dressed better than when you met him.   

Sign #3:  He either rushes or avoids being romantic

When a guy really likes you, he would either rush into setting up a sexual tone into your interactions or he would awkwardly avoid it.  He rushes into being romantic because he’s afraid of being put into the friendzone.  That is why at the onset, he tries to establish you seeing him as a romantic prospect.

There are, however, men out there who are not as comfortable about expressing their sexuality and so they, rightly or wrongly, try to be the nice guys.  This is the type of guy who wants to win you over by taking it slow and easy.  It comes off as awkward because his body language and behavior clearly says he’s into you but he’s not verbalizing it.

Sign #4: He spends his prime time with you

His prime time is his down time.  For the guy who works Mondays through Fridays, prime time typically means Friday or Saturday nights.  This is the time he meets up with friends or the time he sets for himself to relax.  So if he’s allocating that time for you, then that’s a clear sign he likes you a lot.

We are not talking here about a 2AM booty call or the time he asks you out because he has nothing else better to do.  We’re talking about asking you out on a proper date like dinner at a good restaurant where you both dress up nice.  When he does that, then you’re special to him.

Sign #5: He talks about non-serious women in his life

A man might tell you about some of the women in his past.  These are women he dated but was not serious with.  He would perhaps frame it in a way that would make you see him in a romantic light.  That is, he wants you to see him as someone desirable and so tries to impress you with women who have found him so.

About Clay Andrews

Clay Andrews is a dating and relationship coach who helps women find the right type of man they can create a loving and thriving relationship with. He is the creator of Ex Solution Program- a program that helps couples get back together. To know more about Clay, visit his website below.

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