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July 27, 2017

5 Things Men Never Want To Encounter in Bed- Are You Making Any Of These Mistakes?

Video Summary

Dating coaches Nora Blake and Mike Fiore reveal the ‘5 Things Men Never Want To Encounter In Bed” in this video for Digital Romance TV.

Number 1: Dead fish.

When a man is with a woman and she just lays there the entire time- we could call her a ‘dead fish’. There’s no moaning, no feedback or anything. Her hips aren’t moving at all. Actually, a fish from the ocean is better because it flops around.

Number 2: Doing what her ex-boyfriend used to like in bed.

This is freaking horrible. This happens when a woman thought that just because her ex-boyfriend liked this or that, then that’s what men like. Every man is different. It’s fun to explore with the person you’re with as opposed to going with the standard thing, but don’t assume men like the same thing.

Number 3: Being the sex critic.

This is when the woman you’re with is telling you you’re doing it wrong the entire time. Communication and dirty talk is wonderful. But constantly telling a guy things like, “Do it this way”, “No, not there”, or “Why won’t you fuck me the way I wanna be fucked?”- you’re not gonna have a hard-on to play with for long.

Number 4: The guilt monster.

This occurs when you have sex with somebody and then they’re racked with obvious guilt for having sex with you. The reasons could be religious and a lot of other things.

Number 5: The surprise penis.

The word ‘surprise’ is the important part here. If you’re a gay man or you’re into lady boys, you’re gonna expect to find a penis. Never shock somebody by having a dick. They should know about it before you get to that point.

About Michael Fiore

Blunt, funny and always honest, Michael Fiore is an internationally known expert on how to have great relationships in the modern world. In 2011, Michael appeared on “The Rachael Ray” show with his popular “Text The Romance Back Program” (Rachael said he gave her “chills”).

Since then Michael has given women X-Ray vision into men’s minds with his “The Secret Survey: What Men Desperately Want You To Know But Will Never Tell You” program, taught thousands how to get their ex’s back with “Text Your Ex Back” and became an Amazon Best Selling Author with his short (but powerful) “Make Him Beg To Be Your Boyfriend.”

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