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July 27, 2017

How Can I Spice Things Up and Keep Him Into Me Until We Sleep Together

Video Summary

Some women like to wait a little bit before sleeping with a guy. The problem is, most of them don’t know how to keep a guy interested before the ‘big’ night.

Dating coach Mike Fiore and guest Cassidy Lyon share helpful tips on how to spice things up and keep a guy into you until you sleep together.

Make him wait.

A lot of women don’t wanna sleep with a guy on the first or second date no matter how horny they are. Or maybe they do- but at the same time, you gotta keep him waiting for a little bit. You gotta make them want it so bad.

Sex is mostly mental.

Research shows that women physically enjoy sex a lot more than men because women are more in-touch with their bodies. But for men, it’s all about giving and receiving pleasure and feeling attractive.

Use words.

Words are super powerful. You can use text messages. You can play with him and tease him a little bit with words by dirty-texting. With words alone, you can keep him into you.

It’s the cute, little things.

When a guy is at work or hanging out with his buddies, send him cute, little things like “I can’t stop thinking about you” or winky faces. You could write him little letters or emails. Tease the guy by sending him pictures or videos. Any form of private social media works. You could snapchat him. You can play with anything just to keep him wanting more even though he hasn’t had the whole thing yet.

Build up his anticipation.

There’s nothing less attractive than a woman who’s throwing herself at a guy sexually. It’ll be fun for him for about five minutes and then he’ll eventually feel like he’s just being used. Being coy is a lot sexier. Being coy means you’re not giving up everything. It means you’re playing a little bit but you know exactly what you’re doing.

It’s all about the mind.

You should tickle the erotic part of a man’s mind in a way that’s more powerful than porn. Talk to him and keep him reminded about what you gave him or what he gave you over and over again during the day when he’s at work or he’s doing something. He shouldn’t be thinking about it but he’s gonna be thinking about you the whole time.

You can also use these things when you eventually sleep with him. Dirty talking is a wonderful thing.

About Michael Fiore

Blunt, funny and always honest, Michael Fiore is an internationally known expert on how to have great relationships in the modern world. In 2011, Michael appeared on “The Rachael Ray” show with his popular “Text The Romance Back Program” (Rachael said he gave her “chills”).

Since then Michael has given women X-Ray vision into men’s minds with his “The Secret Survey: What Men Desperately Want You To Know But Will Never Tell You” program, taught thousands how to get their ex’s back with “Text Your Ex Back” and became an Amazon Best Selling Author with his short (but powerful) “Make Him Beg To Be Your Boyfriend.”

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