August 17, 2017

How To Know If a Guy is Flirting or Just Playing Games With You

Video Summary

In this video, Carlos Cavallo, a relationship expert and author of, shares with women the signs to look out for to know that a man is definitely flirting with her.

Flirt signal 1: He’s bragging…

When a guy brags, most women think that he’s just acting like a douche when in fact, he’s trying to impress.  If he’s showing off, it simply means that he wants you to find him important, dominant and therefore attractive.

Men are hard-wired to use their status to attract interest.  Let’s face it, even if a lot of women would say that they don’t care about his status – they really do.  Given the choice between someone who owns the corporate world and someone moonlighting at McDonald’s, guess who will draw women like moth to a fire?

It doesn’t mean that women are gold diggers.  Women just prefer men who can promise them a better future ahead. 

Flirt Signal 2: He teases you…

Women believe that when a guy flirts with her, he would be falling all over himself.  Only the more desperate guys actually do that; for the more confident men, they do quite the opposite.  This is where it gets confusing for women because when a guy teases her, she thinks he merely wants to give her a hard time when in fact, he’s already flirting.

So why does he do this, you ask?  Teasing triggers that status play, which allows would-be couple to figure out whether there’s really chemistry between them.  It is a game men and women act on to assert the dominant/submissive role of each in a potential relationship. 

Flirt Signal 3: He’s pointing at you…

You’ll know a guy is flirting when he does his peacock dance.  From the moment he lays his eyes on you, he’ll align himself towards you – that is, his eyes, then his head, and then his body is turned towards you.  It’s like he is calibrating himself to you as his true north.

As creepy as it sounds, he’ll also be pointing to his manly parts, or project that part of him towards you.  Don't take it against him, though, because he’s completely unaware he’s doing that; it’s natural instinct taking over.

Flirt Signal 4: He doing the triangle stare…

Another sign that he’s flirting is when he does the triangle stare.  He starts with looking at you from eye to eye, then moving down to your lips and back again to your eye.  He will usually do this several times in the same conversation.

This is his way of “tasting” you with his eyes – trying to take you in.  The triangle gets bigger the more attracted he is to you, going from eye to eye then down to your cleavage.  He may even let his eyes wander farther south if he thinks he can get away with it.

Women do this, too.  So if you want to send him a signal that you are flirting back, give him the triangle stare.

About Carlos Cavallo

Carlos Cavallo is a dating and attraction adviser, as well as a black belt instructor and motivational life coach. He’s the author of Forever Yours – The Secret Password To His HeartThe Connection Code, and too many other programs to mention.

Carlos brings to the table a variety of life experiences, including a background in relationship skills, life-coaching, motivational psychology, sales, management, Martial Arts, teaching and instruction, energy work, Eastern philosophy, the psychology of achievement, and music.

Carlos Cavallo’s programs teach the essence of attraction between the sexes. By understanding the successful traits of an attractive single, you can attract the right man, achieve more success with your personal and social world, and experience a more rewarding life.

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