February 6, 2017

My Ex Broke Up With Me Because He Didn’t Trust Me: What Should I Do?

Video Summary

In this video Clay talks about how to overcome the excuse, “I can’t trust you anymore” during a breakup. What does this mean and what do you have to do to earn your ex’s trust?

How trust grows

Trust is an emotion that people have. It cannot be forced, but rather has to happen over time. It comes from consistency and openness and honesty in a relationship. You cannot force your ex to feel trust for you; it is something that happens after a pattern of transparency and honesty in a relationship.

Addressing trust in a relationship

When it comes to trust you can think of your ex as an abused dog. It is inherently distrustful around new people it doesn’t know because it has been hurt in the past. You have to be open and loving toward the dog despite the fact that it may be aggressive. It takes a period of time for the dog to realize you are on their side. It is the same with your ex; it will take time for you to build trust with your ex. You will have to show them you are worthy of trust.

Building trust

You have to use relational skills to prove to them that you are a different person and a more trustworthy person than the one they broke up with. Your ex cannot just make the decision to trust you. You have to help cultivate that emotion in your ex. Trust is not a choice, it’s an emotion and something that needs to be developed over time.

If your ex says they do not trust you than you have work to do. Trust is not something a person can choose to have in you. Trust is an emotion that grows after a pattern of honesty, openness and transparency is displayed. If you want your ex to trust you again, then you have to be willing to put in the time to build it up. You have to show your ex that you have changed and that you are ready to be honest and transparent in your relationship. You cannot force them to trust you, but you can put in the effort to show them you are trustworthy and inspire them to feel that emotion for you.

About Clay Andrews

Clay Andrews is a dating and relationship coach who helps women find the right type of man they can create a loving and thriving relationship with. He is the creator of Ex Solution Program- a program that helps couples get back together. To know more about Clay, visit his website below.

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