January 15, 2019

Things To Do To Make Him Miss You – 5 Experts Share Fascinating Insights

Things to do to make him miss you

Be a safe place for him. Be kind and be a safe place for him. Take care of him like you want to be taken care of emotionally and physically. Do things with sincerity and not because you want something in return. Be thoughtful and make him his favorite meal. Surprise him with something that he likes. Listen to what he says and let him know with what you do for him that you are listening to him…

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January 5, 2019

What To Do When an Emotionally Unavailable Man Keeps Coming Back ? 3 Experts Show Exactly How To Find Out

What To Do When an Emotionally Unavailable Man Keeps Coming Back

It can be difficult to care for someone who does not possess the tools necessary for a healthy long term relationship. More specifically, when the person you are dating is emotionally unavailable. You might think that you are a great match. You enjoy the same things, have similar life goals and have fun together. However, you have found that when it comes to intimacy, he lacks the ability to be vulnerable…

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November 18, 2018

How To Get Over the One That Got Away

How To Get Over the One That Got Away

The only time I personally ever characterized a failed relationship as “the one that got away” was with I man I met in graduate school. He didn’t leave me; I left him. He was a great guy, but not cool enough for me at that immature time in my life. Looking back, which I did a lot, I thought about how stupid I was to not be able to appreciate his many great qualities. He really had a lot of them…

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October 27, 2018

Qualities To Look For in a Man Before Getting Married – 7 Relationship Experts Reveal Exactly What To Look For in Mr. Right

Qualities To Look For in a Man Before Getting Married

After working in mental health for nearly a decade, I have had the opportunity to observe couples and individuals navigating a process of singlehood, marriage and divorce. While the divorce rate continues to remain relatively stable, in that one out of every two marriages ends in divorce, it’s important to reevaluate the essential qualities of a husband…

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October 12, 2018

How Soon is Too Soon To Be Engaged? 6 Must-Know Insightful Tips on How Long You Should Be Together Before Getting Engaged

How Soon is Too Soon To Be Engaged

Only fools rush in; not just a clever movie title or harmless cliché. You may have heard this before and questioned what it means or even felt like surely it doesn’t apply to you. You are an intelligent person who will make informed decisions and after all, you know how you feel, and it just feels right, so how could this apply to you?

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