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September 7, 2018

He Texts Me But Doesn’t Ask Me Out- What Should I Do?

He Texts Me But Doesnt Ask Me Out

Texting is quickly becoming the primary way most of us communicate. We can reach out to someone in an instant and get a equally instant response. However, just because this form of communication is quicker and more direct doesn’t always make it easier to express our desires and wishes to one another. If you are dealing with a man who is texting you but hasn’t asked you out yet, ask yourself these three questions

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December 5, 2017

3 Effective Steps To Keep Him From Taking You For Granted

3 Steps To Keep Him From Taking You For Granted

In this video, dating advice guru Carlos Cavallo teaches women how to get a guy to stop from taking her for granted. Beginning with one of the most basic principles of human behavior, Carlos Cavallo underscore the need to realize that chasing somebody who doesn’t have an interest in you will actually push them away. Conversely, if you don’t chase that person, it will increase their level of interest in you…

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