July 27, 2017

8 Delightful Secrets To Make Any Man Miss You + Want You More

Video Summary

In this video, Amy North, a relationship specialist from Vancouver, BC shares nine powerful tips that will make your man miss you.  Whether you are trying to undo a recent break up, pin down your dream guy, or spice up a longstanding relationship, you can make his heart grow fonder using these proven ways of making him miss you.

1. Leave on a high note 

This is especially true when your relationship is on shaky ground.  If you part ways in an unpleasant way, he’ll likely spend the time you are apart questioning whether or not you’re better off without each other.  Make him miss you when you are not around by leaving him on a cheerful note.

2. By mysterious

Avoid the pitfalls of oversharing.  Instead of letting him in on all of your thoughts, hold some back.  If he asks about your past, play it coy – answer him honestly but don't dish out everything.  A little ambiguity will make him want to know more.

3. Highlight the fun parts of your life

Always be positive.  Share the fun things you did and avoid bemoaning the negative stuff.  This is especially effective to use after a break up.  Not only does it tell him that your life didn’t end with the break up but it also makes him realize how much duller his life is without you in it.

4. Be good in bed

Being his own, personal sex goddess will not only make him miss you when you’re not around, but he’ll also want no one but you.  Why would he settle for anything less amazing?

5. Show subtle interest in someone else

Jealousy is a tool best used to grab your ex’s attention or that of a guy who hasn’t yet committed to you.  To do this, shift your attention to someone else and flirt a little with that person.  It might be the push that your real love interest needs.  Just don’t overdo it because you don’t want this other person to get the wrong ideas. 

6. Leave him wanting more

Always part ways with him wanting more – more kisses, more laughter, more delicious food, etc. Let him know that he can look forward to more of the same the next time he sees you.  That way, you’ll be on his mind all throughout the intervening period.

7. Cut off contact

If you’re constantly on the phone with your man, he will have no time to miss you.  Take a break from the calls and text and let him wonder about what’s going on with your life.

8. Look your best

Work out, wear flattering clothes, show off your assets – do whatever it is that makes you feel good.  Enhancing your natural beauty not only makes you physically attractive but it gives you an appealing confidence that he will always look forward to seeing. 

9. Be your own woman

Pursue your own commitments, interests, and friendships.  Show him that you don’t depend on him solely for your happiness.  When he sees that your whole world doesn’t revolve entirely around him, he’ll always want to be around.

About Amy North

Amy NorthAmy North is a relationship coach and best-selling author from Vancouver, Canada. She specializes in helping women from around the world find and keep the man of their dreams. Amy’s acclaimed online program, The Devotion System, has sold thousands of copies and is widely regarded as the #1 women’s dating guide on the planet.

To know more about Amy, visit www.devotionsystem.com.

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