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July 29, 2017

Sick of Him Only Texting You? Here are 3 “Perfect” Texts To Send Him To Break the Cycle

Video Summary

Have you been with a guy who just texts all the time and never calls or goes out with you? This is the type of guy who wants to live the single lifestyle but also wants the comfort and convenience of having someone they can rely on to text when he’s bored or when he feels the need to connect with someone.

The danger is that you – being on the receiving end of his relentless texting – gets all excited every time he texts, wondering if he likes you and worrying about what to text him back in order to turn it into something more. This, however, is not the right move.

Matthew Hussey of the “Get the Guy” program cautions that you should look at this more objectively – the guy is probably just checking to see if he can get attention from you. Matthew suggests three texts you can send this guy to break the cycle:

Text #1: The complimentary text

Send him a text that says something like, “I haven’t heard your sexy voice in forever…”. There’s the compliment but more than that, it gives him a reason to pick up the phone because it’s a form of validation to what you just texted. He is also more likely to want to carry on the flirtation over the phone than through texting.

Text #2: Call him out

When he texts you from out of nowhere – again! – you feel frustrated because you have a feeling that nothing’s going to come out of it. You let some of that frustration show. Instead of replying to his text, say something like, “I’ve notice something about you…”. If he answers, send him this reply: “You looove texting. I feel like I’m speaking to a robot”.

He will not like that one bit so he’ll do either of two things: (a) he’ll step up his game and call you, or (b) he will text you less. If it’s the latter, it’s still a good thing for you if he’s just going to be texting anyway.

Text #3: Be proactive

When you are heading out with friends, invite him to come along. And if he is being his usual self and tells you something like, “I can’t today, I’m working”, send him this reply: “yawwwwn”.

Again he will not like that because it feels like you are withdrawing from him. So he will try to make amends. When he does, don't make a big deal out of it – be distant. He will think that that your interest was only fleeting and he will do more to try and see if he can get you interested again.

About Matthew Hussey

Matthew HusseyMatthew Hussey, speaker and New York Times Bestselling author, serves as a matchmaker on “Ready for Love,” NBC’s innovative and dramatic new relationship show about making real connections.

Through his online programs, viral internet broadcasts, sell-out seminars, NYT Bestselling book, and his roster of private clients, he has been able to pass on his insights and strategies to countless people. 50,000 women have attended his live events and he has reached over 10 million online. Hussey is the new international guru of the dating and relationship-coaching scene.

To know more about Matthew, visit www.howtogettheguy.com.

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